As a PREFERRED TALENT member, we ask that you complete the information below, so that we can properly display and feature your information to our visitors. Our site will provide you with a profile page that is unique to you! This requires that we gather information in a specific way. Here are some of the most important points to know before completing the update form:


We feature a BIO for your page. What this means is that we’ll be asking for a paragraph or two that is carefully crafted to promote you! We host your promotional videos on our own site, rather than via YouTube, Facebook, etc. So, we are asking that you upload your original video so that we can showcase it directly. THIS MUST BE AGENT-FRIENDLY.


We will need a HIGH-RESOLUTION image that has NO LOGO OR TEXT. This is important because our site will put your name and information over the photo automatically. Also, the photo should be AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE. It’s best that the image is a 16×9 ratio.

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